Klas is an composer and producer from Sweden. He masters programming, sounddesign and mixing at his fingers tips, from years of working with Dancemusic,TV and Film.

Klas spent his youth in the northern Sweden. He was always into making music, and started his first rock band at the age of ten. Soon, he was playing the keyboard and drums in several local rock bands. On top of that, he played the trumpet in a marching band.

The early 90′s saw Klas pursue a successful career as a sound engineer. He worked on a variety of projects, ranging from theatre productions and films – such as ”Breaking the Waves”, ”Pusher” – to recording studios.

After a few years he got involved to write and produce dance music. Since then, Klas has collaborated with some of the worlds finest artists and music makers. In 2002, Klas had his first no. 1 hit in the club chart: ‘Monkey’ by Therese. He co-wrote and produced Victoria Beckham’s ”Let your head go” (#1 singel chart UK) and worked with Stonebridge ”put em high” (#7 in UK.)

Since 2008 he has been producing and composing music for Tv-series, commercials, sounddesign and movies.